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Tuisco is a management consultancy company, aimed at providing tailored Business Consultancy solutions of superior quality in the field of Business Continuity, Engagement and Disangagement Planning, Sustainability and Contract Management. As an offshoot of WorldEscrow, Tuisco combines the experience and values of Trusted Third Party Services, with the flexibility and expertise of its consultants to create consultancy projects exactly to the measure of your company.


Business Continuity

Focussing on the potential risks your company can run, Tuisco provides a thorough and sturdy Business Continuity Solution. In the Business Continuity fields, Tuisco will aim to risk-proof your company to the fullest extent, offering made-to-measure solutions for whatever issues there may be, including disengagement plans with critical suppliers.

Risk management

Establishing just which risks your company face can be a daunting task for even the most determined managers, as one inherently builds further on their own experience, sometimes missing warning signs an outside pair of eyes can catch. Tuisco is here to prevent that from occurring, by establishing a system of continuous self-evaluation, based on a base audit executed by Tuisco, and – if desired – monitored closely by Tuisco. Any apparent risks will be contained by an appropriate set of countermeasures and contingencies, tailored to the company and the nature of the risks identified.

Security management

In the same vain as Risk Management, Tuisco’s Security Management aims to provide a holistic solution package for a known set of risks. In this case, the risks are well defined as being any physical or digital deliberate attacks on the integrity of the company. Once again based on a custom audit, Tuisco’s Security Management Solutions aim to identify which avenues are open to attack, and either prevent exploitation, or minimise damage done in case of an attack, reducing the potential costs in case of a breach of security in the Company.

Knowledge management

Knowledge management is the art of storing, safeguarding, structuring and making accessible all the explicit and implicit knowledge accrued by a company over time. Tuisco has a unique framework at its disposal to identify knowledge sinks, and to structure them for full accessibility.



Taking care of the most obvious step in Knowledge Management, Tuisco can help your company make its archives accessible and active, yet safe and secure. A project in Archiving typically consists of digitising documents, adding them to an advanced archive search engine, that guarantees optimal results are found per department.


Knowledge flow optimisation


Knowledge Flow Optimisation focusses on identifying the flows of knowledge within a company, and restructuring parts of the company to optimise the availability of the right knowledge, at the right moment, to the right person. Too many KM solutions focus on only structuring explicit knowledge for optimal accessibility, but Tuisco focusses first and foremost on establishing the interactions between your explicit and implicit knowledge, to optimise the entire knowledge cycle, rather than one specific element of it.


Document Management


Managing your paperwork to actually be accessible, and not lost mong the piles of paper pushed around each day. Instead, Tuisco’s solutions focus on minimising the paper trails, optimising the digital replacement systems, and overall reducing your stress regarding where the papers went.This solution is often combined with the Archiving solution, for obvious reasons.


Social sustainability

Combining your internal and external marketing and social policies to optimise both the perception of your external and internal stakeholders, this service focusses on auditing and establishing solid social programs within your company, to maximise economic gain from the people working for and with you. Including everything from setting up inclusion policies to practical establishment of common HR, PR and marketing practises to become the ultimate locally rooted, globally inclusive company you’ve always wanted to have.

Economic sustainability


Veering off of the simplistic Triple Bottom Line philosophy, the economic sustainability services aim to provide economic security for your company past your quarterly profit/loss reports, and into the decade-long schemes. It aims to make sure that a century from now, people will still consider your company a valid player on the market, as a paragon of ethical business enterprising.


Full sustainability optimisation


Combining all of the above, our complete sustainability solution follows a three stage approach to optimising your overall sustainability situation. In a first stage, an audit of the company is made, identifying any fields which can be improved. In a second stage, a plan of approach is designed, in which the focus lies on how to improve the specific sustainability fields, without harming any other. In the third stage, Tuisco will oversee and manage the implementation of the plan of approach, and establish a self-correcting mechanism to continue ongoing optimisation.


Environment sustainability


Our environmental sustainability projects focus on reducing or off-setting the negative environmental impact of your company, without impeding your economic capacity, and – if possible – add value streams based on the impact reduction or offset. With a heavy focus on establishing circular vale chains, and low-cost, high-impact initiative schemes, this service is the service for any company that wants the ‘green’ nomenclature associated with its name.



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